Tres Cruzados is a modern day morality play that spins a classic tale of faith, fall from grace, and deliverance. Set in the streets of Guadalajara, Tres Cruzados follows a close-knit family’s struggle and eventual triumph over addiction, greed, and violence, redeemed by the power and enduring spirit of a magical little boy named Chuy.

Chuy Vasquez is an 11 year-old boy, newly burdened with responsibilities following the death of his father and his concern for his mother, baby sister Teresa, and 18 year-old sister Pina. His solace is the time he spends dreaming of swimming in the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean with his small pet turtle, Cocquito.

Chuy and his family have been evicted from their tiny apartment and must begin a painful journey to reconstruct their lives. One evening he takes a long walk, which becomes a vision quest, a dream of possibilities, including the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This mystical experience inspires him to devise a plan to save his family.

However he must deal with a dynamic but forceful patron, El Martillo, who has brought Pina under his spell.